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Wicked Lights Field Staff application

Wicked Lights Field Staff are some of the most experienced night hunters in the industry. Wether its predators, hogs, and/or other animals, our members share a passion for the pursuit of nocturnal creatures. Our innovative line of colored and infrared night hunting lights are a crucial tool in assisting these professionals in the successful pursuit of even the most elusive animals. As Wicked Lights continues to innovate and expand, we are looking for additional field staff to help us grow our brand. If you also share a passion for night hunting and have professional experience and social media profiles, a clean record, and are interested in becoming an ambassador for night hunting sports please take the time to fill out our application. Those selected may be involved in product testing and review and tasked with providing feedback, sharing their experiences and knowledge with others who inquire, and occasionally be asked to provide content of products in action. Those selected may be offered Wicked Lights products at heavy discounts or free of charge in some instances. Please be honest and thorough in your answers. Filling out the application does not guarantee you will be selected to join our team. Once the application is submitted, you may be contacted by either phone or email if we have any additional follow up questions for you. Please allow us several weeks to review your application. There is no need to follow up with us. We will keep your application on file for 1-year. Thank you for your interest in our brand!

Thanks! Message sent, we will get back to you after reviewing your application.

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