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Scanpro® iC Gen 4 green Night Hunting headlamp Kit


  • 1 x ScanPro® iC Gen 4 Headlamp with Spot to Flood Bezel and Brightness Control

  • ​1 x Green Intensity Control LED

  • 2 x 21700 Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

  • 1 x 21700 2-Position Charger with A/C & DC Charge Adapter

  • 1 x Rubberized Halo Shield

  • 1 x Premium Storage / Carry Case

  • Instruction Manual

  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

Manufacturers Part Number: w2101
MSRP: $179.95

Wicked Hunting Lights® is excited to announce the addition of the all new ScanPro® iC Gen 4 full Intensity Control Night Hunting Headlamp. The new ScanPro® iC Gen 4 improves upon our wildly popular ScanPro® iC Gen 2 by providing even longer range while increasing durability and functionality. Wicked Lights ScanPro® iC Gen 4 Headlamp was purpose designed and built for night hunting. When we say "Night Hunting" were talking a headlamp specifically featured and designed to be used for scanning and locating hogs or predators or their eye reflection while they are responding to a call.


Many expert night hunters appreciate the advantages of using a quality headlamp for "scanning for eyes" as it eliminates both the fatiguing act of repetitious hand scanning and the often cumbersome transitions from hand held light to shouldering of the firearm. Headlamps are a great way camouflage yourself when using night vision or thermal as the light acts as a shield against the eyesight of an approaching animal where they would normally see you standing there without the light. With the ScanPro® iC Gen 4 headlamp's ability to adjust the beam diameter to "flood" to cover a wide area, head movement and fatigue are minimized, and the transition to shouldering a weapon is seamless.


Why Intensity Control?

Well, the full intensity control gives the hunter the ability to use less light. Less light = less animals spooked. The intensity control knob on the ScanPro® iC Gen 4 are designed to allow the hunter to set the intensity of the light BEFORE the light is turned on. This allows a hunter to condition the animal to the light by starting on a low power setting and gradually increasing the brightness of the headlamp until they have just enough light. Animals tend not to notice the subtle or gradual increase in brightness as much as suddenly being blasted by a bright beam of light. Also, in many situations the light does not need to be on full power to be able to identify the animal. The Intensity Control rheostat knobs allow the hunter to increase the brightness until they have just enough light to make positive identification. This technique completely eliminates the worry of putting too much light on the animal because the hunter can stop increasing the brightness of the light at any time. By using the Intensity Control feature to start on low, then conditioning the animal with a gradual increase in brightness, and stopping when there is just enough light; the hunter will spook less animals, period!

You may ask how does the ScanPro® iC Gen 4 differ from other headlamps? Here are some of the key design attributes of the ScanPro® iC Gen 4 Headlamp:


  • ScanPro iC Gen 4 vs ScanPro iC Gen 2: The Gen 4 model is brighter, has a redesigned battery compartment with a built in power level indicator (so you know how much battery life you have left), utilizes more robust headbands, and is overall more durable.

  • Powerful Intensity Control LED based light with 55mm diameter Spot/Flood bezel design which allows the user to quickly adjust light beam width from a wide flood to a tight spot depending on the situation and the hunters preferences.

  • Uses the same high power Intensity Control LED module as the W404iC, W403iC and A55iC lights, allowing you to swap LED's between all three models. 

  • Special bezel is precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization

  • Specially designed precision high magnification convex lens provides for extreme focus and or dispersion of light over a wide area.

  • User Replaceable LEDs - swap out LED modules to change colors!

  • Removable LED's is an important innovation which allows the hunter to use a specific LED color to particular hunting situations (Intensity Control LED's are available and sold separately - click HERE for more info).

  • Full Intensity Control LED - allows the hunter to adjust the brightness of the headlamp infinitely, giving them more control over the brightness so they spook less animals.

  • Ability to turn headlamp "ON" at ANY desired power level, depending on your preference.

  • Rubberized halo shield included to minimize peripheral light spill from haloing equipment or hunting partners.

  • Comfortable wide adjustable cloth/elastic headband for fatigue free usage with or without a baseball style hat.

  • Operates on two Lithium-Ion 21700 rechargeable batteries.

  • Batteries and charger with AC & DC charge adapter included.

  • Approximate Run Time (At Full Power) - up to 8 Hours*

  • Identifiable Eye Reflection Range - Approximately 600* Yards


*Ambient light (moon phase), battery state of charge, LED color, environmental conditions, etc. can and will affect ranges. Battery state of charge, type and condition of batteries all affect run time. Actual run time may vary.



The ScanPro® iC Gen 4 Intensity Control power twist knob allows for quick, smooth brightness adjustment and features a built in on/off button. This unique design allows you to turn the headlamp directly on to ANY power setting that you desire. Simply rotate the Intensity Control knob to the intensity level you desire and then click the on/off button to power the light directly to that setting. 


The ScanPro® iC Gen 4 interchangeable LED design allows you to easily and quickly change the LED. This simplified design allows you to easily change from red to green to white, depending on your specific night hunting needs. The ScanPro® iC Gen 4 uses the same Intensity Control LED as the W404iC, W403iC and the A55iC night hunting lights, allowing you to swap LED's between all three models. 


The ScanPro® iC Gen 4 uses a Spot-Flood Bezel, which allows you to change the width of the beam from spot to flood. Spot is great for long distance identification and scanning. Flood will give you a broad field of view for close and medium range scanning. The ScanPro® iC Gen 4 comes with a removable Rubberized Halo Shield. The Rubber texture improves the grip on the bezel while you use the zoom focus feature. The Halo Shield eliminates unwanted peripheral lighting from shining on you, your hunting partner(s), or your surroundings.


The ScanPro iC Gen 4 is designed with an elevation adjustment ability. This allows you to adjust the light up and down, depending on your needs. The ScanPro® iC Gen 4 is built onto and adjustable elastic cloth band that is designed to comfortably fit the shape of your head or hat.


The ScanPro iC Gen 4 features an all new Battery Power Level LED Indicator on the battery compartment. Simply press the rubber button and the indicator LED's will illuminate to show you how much battery life is left.

MSRP: $179.95
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