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With Jeff Thomason.

Predator Pursuit TV is hosted by Jeff Thomason. Very few men Jeff’s age have as much experience in the pursuit of the worlds predators as he does.  Jeff has honed his skills as an expert outdoorsman in the woods of Northeast Texas. Jeff’s sharp demeanor and natural charisma make watching his style and techniques a   fantastic learning   experience.  Jeff founded the Predator Pursuit video project early this decade and has dedicated his hunting career to entertaining his viewers while concentrating on being the most efficient predator hunter there is anywhere.

     The definition says it all.  Predator Pursuit TV is the story of  amazingly talented professional hunters dedicating their outdoor adventures to the pursuit of “all things Predator” If it can bite, claw, scratch or have you for dinner then the Predator Pursuit crew will be there to dial in the most compelling and honest encounter possible. Each episode will be a new and possibly rarely seen conquest for the variety of predators that inhabit the wilds of the planet. All methods of legal hunting are utilized and bringing the local flavor to the adventure is always a must.  
     Predators are the fastest growing sport animal for the world’s hunting population and the mix of expert hosts with species that live in almost all hunting areas create a welcome and interesting venue for both viewers and advertisers alike. Engaging viewers with a young, energetic group of hunters to carry them along the way through the trials and tribulations of pursuing the boldest of game animals gives an opportunity to teach, explain and entertain throughout the entire program.  Recent technology has also enabled the Predator Pursuit team to capture fantastic night hunting encounters with the quality and intensity that today’s programming standards require.  
     The creators of the Predator Pursuit DVD series have catered to predator enthusiasts around the country for the past five years and will do the same in this truly one of a kind program.  The intended quarry will include all predators from the timber wolf of the northern forests, sharks of the tropical oceans and alligators of the southern swaps to the many prowling creatures of the African savannah.  Predator Pursuit TV will focus on the “how to” as well as the “why” and create an unforgettable story that takes the viewer along on the Pursuit of the animals at the top of mother natures’ food chain.

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