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W403iC & ScanPr0 iC RED Night Hunting light combo pack


  • 1 x W403iC Night Hunting Light with Full Intensity Control

  • 1 x ScanPro iC Night Hunting Headlamp with Full Intensity Control

  • 2 x Red Interchangeable Intensity Control LED's  

  • 4 x Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

  • 1 x 4-Position Charger with A/C & DC Charge Adapter

  • 1 x QD Adjustable Light Mount

  • 1 x Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail

  • 1 x Intensity Controlled Standard Rheostat Cap

  • 1 x Intensity Controlled Coiled Cord RheostatTail Cap 

  • 1 x Premium Storage and Carry Case

  • Instruction manual

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer Part Number: W2018

MSRP - $289.95

Wicked Hunting Lights™ is excited to announce the addition of the all new W403iC &ScanPro iC Night Hunting Combo Pack. This kit includes one of our award winning W403iC Night Hunting Lights with full Intensity Control and Scan & Kill® Technology and one of our ScanPro iC Night Hunting Headlamps with full Intensity Control. Thats right, both of these models feature full Intensity Control, making their Intensity Control LED's completely interchangeable between the W403iC and ScanPro iC. 

Why Intensity Control?

Well, the full intensity control gives the hunter the ability to use less light. Less light = less animals spooked. The intensity control knobs on both the W403iC and ScanPro iC are designed to allow the hunter to set the intensity of the light BEFORE the light is turned on. This allows a hunter to condition the animal to the light by starting on a low power setting and gradually increasing the brightness of the light or headlamp until they have just enough light. Animals tend not to notice the subtle or gradual increase in brightness as much as suddenly being blasted by a bright beam of light. Also, in many situations the light does not need to be on full power to be able to identify the animal. The Intensity Control rheostat knobs allow the hunter to increase the brightness until they have just enough light to make positive identification. This technique completely eliminates the worry of putting too much light on the animal because the hunter can stop increasing the brightness of the light at any time. By using the Intensity Control feature to start on low, then conditioning the animal with a gradual increase in brightness, and stopping when there is just enough light; the hunter will spook less animals, period!


The W403iC Night Hunting Light:

The W403iC is purpose designed & built specifically for night hunting, modeled after our proven and extremely durable W402ZF model.  The W403iC is not just adapted for use as with virtually all of the competitor lights. In fact a large percentage of "night hunting light companies" are using the exact same light known as a model number HS-802, or clone of it, and just having their name lasered onto the side of it.  That's it, that's the extent of their research, development, field testing, design, prototyping, and effort in the development of their brand of night hunting night.  In reality the HS-802 is an adequate utility flashlight, but it doesn’t hold a candle to a Wicked Hunting Lights W403iC. For more detailed info on the W403iC, see our "W403iC Basic Design Features" section below.


The ScanPro iC Night Hunting Headlamp:

We have Paired the W403iC with our ScanPro iC Night Hunting Headlamp With Full Intensity Control and Scan & Kill Technology. The new ScanPro iC out shines the competition PERIOD!  Unlike virtually all headlamps used for night hunting which are simply re-branded utility style headlamps, the Wicked Lights ScanPro iC Headlamp was purpose designed and built for night hunting. When we say "Night Hunting" were talking a headlamp specifically featured and designed to be used for scanning and locating hogs or predators or their eye reflection while they are responding to a call.


Many expert night hunters appreciate the advantages of using a quality headlamp for "scanning for eyes" as it eliminates both the fatiguing act of repetitious hand scanning and the often cumbersome transitions from hand held light to shouldering of the firearm.  With the ScanPro headlamp's ability to adjust the beam diameter to "flood" to cover a wide area, head movement is and fatigue are minimized, and the transition to shouldering a weapons is seamless. See our "ScanPro IC Basic Design Features" section of this page for more detailed information on the ScanPro IC Night Hunting Headlamp.



The easy, hands free, scanning with the ScanPro iC, paired with the extreme long range W403iC mounted to a weapon gives the hunter the ability not only to scan and shoot at the same time, but to spook less animals! This scan and shoot combo, along with the full intensity control, zoom focus bezels, and interchangeable LED's make this combo pack an ideal setup for any night hunter. Successfully target hogs, coyotes, fox, bobcat, raccoon and varmints at night with the Wicked Hunting Lights™ W403iC & ScanPro iC Night Hunting Light and Headlamp Combo Kit. 



  • Full Intensity Controlled rheostat cap that allow the light to be turned on at ANY power level.

  • Purpose built and designed for night hunting.

  • Precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization.

  • Designed, serviced, and warrantied in the USA.

  • Our second generation hunting light with Scan & Kill® Technology. Featuring a unique Zoom / Focus design which allows you to focus and or defuse the light beam.

  • Full intensity controlled adjustable power output of the LED combined with Zoom / Focus give you absolute control of light output and light intensity depending on the situation and your night hunting style.

  • The W403iC comes with the Red Intensity Control LED. The LED assembly features a 3-year warranty.

    • Red LED - Ideal for hogs, general predator hunting (coyote, fox, bobcat)

W403iC Key Innovations and Differences:

1. Wicked Lights Full Intensity Control Tail Cap


The W403iC's Full Intensity Control Tail Cap out classes the competition with true full-range control of light intensity coupled with selectable "ON/OFF" to any light intensity level the user desires - An industry first-in-class ability! 


In lieu of using a poorly performing analog circuit design for dimming and intensity control like some competitors use, Wicked Lights uses advanced pulse-width modulation (PWM) technology which provides for a much smoother and wider ranging light intensity adjustment ability and eliminates skewing of LED color which plagues analog designs.


The mechanical tail cap design coupled with PWM circuit allows the user to adjust the light intensity to their exact intensity preference based on ambient light, distance to target animal, and animals reaction to the light (if any).  Desirability of this design is easily realized when over a feeder or bait station and having the ability to pre-set the light intensity to the exact intensity for the distance - Not to bright, not to dim, just right, and then turn it "ON" to the exact intensity when needed. The PWM advantage is also easily demonstrated while scanning and having the ability to quickly adjust light intensity up or down based on the animals reactions.

2.  Not All Light Bezels Are Created Equal:


  • Bezel Design: When considering a light for night hunting the first thing you should look at is the bezel design.  Decorative scrolling and cut-outs on the lens retainer ring may look artistic and aesthetically pleasing to the uninformed buyer. However, they can cause big problems when in the field at night...

Decorative cut-outs are not the best choice for night hunting. Study the picture below:




  •  Both lights are "ON".  In the field, at night the light on the left will "halo" and illuminate the shooter, weapon barrel, equipment, and hunting partners to the left and right of him. The W403iC on the right side minimizes the potential for side spill of light or "haloing" personal or equipment by utilizing a properly designed bezel with a built in halo shield.


 Scan & Kill® Technology:


  • An exciting and relatively new development in night hunting lights is the ability to zoom focus the beam. The advantage of the zoom focus beam is the ability to defuse the light for your initial scanning, once you see eyes you can quickly adjust the intensity up or bring it back down based on the target animals reaction (if any) to the light. Ideal technique would involve defusing the light down during initial scanning until eyes are spotted, then gradually bringing up the intensity to full power, positively identifying the animal, and if hunting with a partner they engage the target animal with a dedicated weapon mounted light, or if they not equipped, then illuminating the target animal with the W403IC scan light for the shot.

3.  Not All Zoom Focus Lights or ZF Mechanisims Are Created Equal:


The Wicked Hunting Light W403iC utilizes a robust deep rotation grove for smooth transitions from flood to zoom.  After careful consideration and extended field testing in very cold icy environments (Alaska, New York, Minnesota) the fine treaded style design was eliminated because of durability issues. Cold temperatures, frozen moisture and grease do not mix well with fine aluminum  threads.  Multiple fine threads also increase the effort, amount of hand twists, and time to rotate the bezel from flood to zoom or back.

 4.  Not All Standard Light Features Are Created Equal:


  • The W403IC is the only hunting light in its class featuring a built in halo shield which minimizes inadvertent Illumination of personnel or equipment to the left and right of the operator.

  • Easy rotate bezel section which provides for complete control of light beam diameter and intensity in the range of one 360 degree rotation.

  • Includes the all new Generation 3 coiled cord "ON/OFF" tail cap with enhanced and upgraded wiring, push in and rotate to secure coiled cord for enhanced durability.

   5.  Not All Convex Lenses Are Created Equal:
  • The W403iC uses specially designed precision high magnification glass convex lens to focus and disperse light.

 6.  Not All Adjustable Light Mounts Are Created Equal:



  • One of the most important area to consider when choosing a scope mounted light is the mechanism which the light attaches to the scope mount and its ability to adjust the fully focused (zoomed in light) beam to the center of the cross hairs.

  • What became readily apparent during our testing of the various commonly used adjustable scope mounts used by many of our competitors is their marginal suitability for use as a night hunting light mount.  They all failed our field testing in a number of areas:

  • FAIL Wrong height above picatinny mount platform which prevents proper adjustment and alignment of light beam with. scope cross hairs. 

    FAIL Poorly designed elevation adjustment gearing with too little travel.

    FAIL Weak internal adjustment tension spring.

    FAIL Light mount diameter not correct. Difficult to start and secure the four hex head screws when light is installed often resulting in stripped threads.


  •  The new designed W403iC Adjustable Light Mount eliminates design failures found in other adjustable light mounts:

  • PASS Correct height above picatinny mount platform which provides for proper adjustment and alignment of light beam with scope cross hairs.

    PASS Elevation adjustment gearing with full little travel to adjust light beam to cross hairs.

    PASS 300 percent stronger internal adjustment tension springs.

    PASS Correct light mount diameter. Easy to start, secure, or remove the four hex head screws.

 7.  Not All Light Output and Battery Run Times Are Created Equal:


  • The W403iC Provides superb full power continuous run times for virtually all hunting conditions and gives you incredible range!

  • Battery runtime note:  Each Wicked Hunting Lights kit includes Li-Ion 18650 Protected Circuit  (PC) batteries. Because of battery manufacturer variances, particularly in the under voltage settings of batteries and exaggerated milli-amp hour rating (mAh), light operation times can vary significantly.  For example one brand of battery could have a 3.2VDC under-voltage PC setting and another could be 2.5VDC, which will result in a longer light runtime for the latter. Because of these variables the light runtime will vary depending on battery, milli-amp hour rating (mAh), battery state of charge, and PC installed in battery. The chart reflects our testing results using Tenergy 18650 PCB 2600mAh batteries which we feel reflects a solid conservative indicator of battery life. Your results may vary.

W403iC Specifications:

  • Operation temperature: Minus -30 ~ 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization.

  • O-ring sealed, water resistant.

  • Battery type: Operates on 1 18650 PCB 3.7V Lithium-ion battery.

  • W403iC Bezel Diameter: 67.55 mm / 2.655 inches.

  • W403iC Body Diameter @ scope mount:  25.0 mm / 1.0 inch.

  • W403iC Weight one battery installed: 15.6 ounces.

  • W403iC Length: 185.0 mm / 7.28 Inches.

  • W403iC Length bezel extended to MAX zoom: 196.00 mm / 7.72 Inches.

  • Warranty: Limited three year on light assembly. LED assembly three years. Battery and charger one year. See manual for details and limitations.

  •  The W403iC features a full intensity control tail cap with the ability to power the light on at any desired intensity level.

  • The W403iC comes in your choice of Green, Red, or White LED. The LED assembly features a 3-year warranty, and can be changed in the field in less than 20 seconds for those wishing to use or experiment with a diffident led color. 

  • The innovative combination of high magnification convex lens, specially designed LED circuit,  and LED module that screws in to mount pad stop combine to eliminate the tedious and frustrating LED light focus adjustment procedure found in many of our competitors designs. No adjustment required - access and change the LED in 20 seconds.

  • Weapon mounted light kits include picatinny style scope mount for use with 1 inch or 30mm tubes (also can be used to mount light on shotgun mag extension on many shotguns) and fully adjustable light mount. 


  • Powerful Intensity Control LED based headlamp with 40mm diameter Zoom/Focus bezel design which allows the user to quickly adjust light beam diameter from flood to zoom and control light intensity depending on the situation and the hunters preferences

  • Uses the same high power Intensity Control LED as the W403iC and A48iC lights, allowing you to swap LED's between all three models. 

  • Special bezel is precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization

  • Specially designed precision high magnification glass convex lens provides for extreme focus and or dispersion of light over a wide area

  • User Replaceabe Intensity Control LEDs - switch LED colors in seconds - FIRST & ONLY Headlamp in it's class to offer this feature!

  • Removeable LED's is an important innovation which allows the hunter to use and tailor LED color to particular hunting situations (Intensity Control LED's are available and sold seperatly)

  • Full Intensity Control LED - allows the hunter adjust the brightness of the headlamp infinitly, giving them more control over the brightness and allowing them to spook less animals

  • Ability to turn headlamp "ON" at ANY desred power level, depending on your preference

  • Rubberized halo shield included to minimize peripheral light spill from haloing equipment or hunting partners

  • Comfortable wide adjustable cloth/elastic headband for fatigue free usage with or without a baseball style hat

  • Operates on one or two Lithium-Ion 18650 batteries

  • Batteries and charger with AC & DC charge adapter included

  • Approx Run Time (At Full Power) - 5 Hours**

  • Identifiable Eye Reflection Range - Approx 500* Yards

ScanPro iC Key Innovations and differences:

The ScanPro iC's interchangeable LED design allows you to easily and quickly change the LED. This allows you to change from red to green to white in an instant, depending on your specific night hunting needs. The ScanPro iC uses the same Intensity Control LED as the W403iC and the A48iC night hunting lights, allowing you to swap LED's between all three units. 

The ScanPro iC uses a Zoom Focus Bezel, which allows you to change the width of the beam from spot to flood. Spot is great for long distance identification and scanning. Flood will give you a broad field of view for close and medium range scanning.

The ScanPro iC comes with a built in Rubberized Halo Shield. The Rubber texture improves the grip on the bezel while you use the zoom focus feature. The Halo Shield eliminates unwanted peripheral lighting from shining on you, your hunting partner(s), or your surroundings.

The ScanPro iC's Intensity Control power twist knob features a built in on/off button. This unique design allows you to turn the headlamp directly on to ANY power setting that you desire. Simply rotate the Intensity Control knob to the itensity level you desire and then click the on/off button to power the light directly to that setting. 

The ScanPro iC is designed with an elevation adjustment ability. This allows you to adjust the light up and down, depending on your needs. The Lock / Unlock elevation adjustment knob allows you to unlock the headlamp and move it into the desired position and then secure it back into place.

The ScanPro iC is built onto and adjustable elastic cloth band that is designed to comefortably fit the shape of your head or hat.

*Ambient light (moon phase), scope quality & power setting, LED color, battery state of charge, background foliage, rain, snow, and size and color of target species will all affect range.

**Approx battery life using high quality, fully charged, Wicked Lights 18650 3.7 Li-Ion 2900ma battery. Note: Battery quality varies widely between brands and ma ratings are often grossly exaggerated on cheap batteries. During our testing we noted the Wicked Lights 18650 2900ma batteries would last up to 2 times longer then many private label brands. Green, Red, and White Led may begin to dim after long periods of continuous operation (as battery discharges).


***Manufacturer specifications are subject to change without notice.

MSRP - $289.95
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